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Google Contributor is partnering with Business Insider UK to provide you pages without ads. It costs just pennies per page.
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How it works
Each page without ads costs $0.04 ($1 will buy you access to 25 pages without ads)
You load your pass with $5.
When your balance drops below $1 it will top-up by $5 automatically.
The money from your ad removal pass purchase is given to the creators of Business Insider UK (after a small portion is retained by Google to cover the cost of running the service)
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Simplify your life with one service
Maintaining individual subscriptions with each website can be expensive and time consuming. Contributor simplifies all of that by allowing you to pay for only the pages that you view without ads.
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It works with your
Google account

Sign in to Google (for example your gmail account) and use the web as you normally would.

When you visit a site that you have added to your Contributor pass all of the ads will be removed.

It even plays nicely with other browser extensions.

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Keep track of your pass
You can see all of the sites on your pass in one place, including a breakdown of how many ads were removed and how much money you paid to remove ads from each site.
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